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Aucapina v 5.8 has arrived!

Aucapina – auto camping & ski rental theme is the well-suited for rental camping car or villages. It features clean, attractive and user-friendly design that takes any travel enthusiast by surprise.

Our theme can do a great job of promoting your ski resort business , either it can also handle auto bookings from your customers. Camping car rental business owners are sure to appreciate the accurate auto online booking tool functionality and the ability to add conditional pricing. You can create flexible prices using our easy-to-use interface for conditional prices.

Be sure, Aucapina WordPress theme will help you make your personal camping car rental website stand out from the crowd.

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Key Features:

Elementor Page Builder
Revolution slider
One click demo included
Booking options
Multilingual and Translate Ready

Booking Features:

Booking calendar
Custom period prices
Long-term prices
Price on request option
Custom fields builder
Order extra options
Always included options




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How many sites can I create using a regular license ?

You can only use one license for one site . If you need more then you need to purchase a new license .

I have to pay once ?

Yes , you need to pay once for all time .

Can I use this theme on my language ?

This theme is localized, which means it can easily be translated to your own language (easy but quite time consuming).

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Aucapina v 5.8.1
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Aucapina v.5.8
- Some minor bugs fixed.
- Demo-import improved.

- Version: v.5.6-

- Added a general Booking Calendar in the admin panel
- Added the "drop-off" parameter to conditions.

- Version: v.5.5-

• Added: Compatible with WordPress 6.2.
• Fixed: Some minor bugs.

- Version: v.5.4-

1. Added: sticky menu for desktop and mobile

- Version: v.5.3-

1. Revslider updated
2. Upsells, Cross-sells and Related product sections was fixed.

- Version: v.5.1.3-
Date picker problem fixed

- Version: v.5.1.2-
Updated: WooCommerce templates.

- Version: v.5.1-
1) Added options 'First days' and 'Fixed price' to Conditions. For example, these options can be used to set a fixed total price for the first N days of rent, regardless of the number of days.
2) Added  ability to search the entire site or only by the rented products or by shop products in live search
3) Fixed some minor bugs.

- Version: v.5.0-

• Added: Contain/Cover image fit option for the rental and shop products.
• Added: Ability to change image aspect ration for the rental and shop products.
• Improved: Demo import.
• Improved: Checkout and Cart pages style on tablets and mobile devices.
• Fixed: Some minor bugs.

- Version: v.4.17 -
1. Fixed issue with stars in reviews widget.
2. Added a built-in child theme installer.
3. Revslider updated.

- Version: .4.16 -
1. Fixed issues in demo import.

- Version: .4.15 -
1. Improved: Compatible with Elementor 3.6.5.
2. Improved: Demo import.
3. Improved: Working with conditions.
4. Added: Ability to select holidays that are not available for pick-up and drop-off.

- Version: .4.14 -
1. Some minor bugs fixed.
2. Revslider updated.
3. Google Fonts updated.  

- Version: .4.12 -

1. Some minor bugs fixed.
2. Revslider updated.
3. WooCommerce templates updated.

- Version: .4.11 -

1. Added option to disable widget block editor.

- Version: 4.10 -

1. Added the ability to configure the feedback form on the product page instead of booking.
2. Revslider updated.

- Version: 4.9 -

1. Opening links to social networks in a new window.
2. Fixed issue with Elementor database updater.
3. Improved product thumbnail carousel.
4. Some minor bugs fixed.

- Version: 4.7 -
.Compatibility with the last MetaBox plugin.

- Version: 4.5 -
1. Fixed button link in the Acitivities widget
2. Added fields "From date" and "To date" to condition
3. Added fields "Days (to)" to condition to set the maximum number of selected days that will be included in the condition
4. Added additional option 'Minimum days for booking (conditional)'

- Version: 4.4 -
1. Permalink catalog settings added.

- Version: 4.3 -
1. Widgets adapted for Elementor 3.2.1
2. Pick-up and drop-off time added (optional).
3. Revslider updated
4. Some minor bugs fixed.

- Version: 4.01-
1. Fixed: Now you can change titles "Seating" and "Berth" to another in capacity widget.
2. Fixed: Logout button
3. Added: Optional per night/day price in the grid and on the product page

- Version: 4.0 -
-   Removed row 'time_booking' from order details
-   Add header height setting in customizer.
-   Added option to disable redirection to the shopping cart or checkout after booking
-   When booking, the Quantity field displays the quantity of the items, not the number of days booked.
-  If the "Unlimited booking" mode is enabled, you can change the number of booked items in the shopping cart.
-  Settings in the customizer are regrouped
-  Styled login form on checkout page
-  Added available weekdays settings for pickup and drop off.
-  Revslider updated
-  Added the text field that will be displayed instead of the price in the catalog grid.
-  Show cleaning days in the calendar for admins.
-  Added Location field to conditions.
-  Added conditional price to extra options.

- Version: 3.2 -
-  integral field to select a date range
-  Social  links added target blank
-  Display the number of selected days/nights in the product card
-  fixed issues with WPML (child and main themes)
-  fixed a bug when booking two identical items at the same time with unlimited booking
-  fixed Contact Form 7 styles

- Version: 3.1 -
- fixed a bug in filters
- added SEO info in catalogue page or category .
- added an option to change the page Title font size;
- accelerated the work of the theme
- RevSlider updated
- lazy load replaced with browser loading= " lazy" 

- Version: 3.0.3 -
- Added days / nights booking
- Minor bugs fixed and improveds

- Version: 3.0.2 -
- Fixed a bug with calculating the conditional price in the daily booking mode

- Version: 3.0 -
-  Added "Nights booking / Day booking" 
-  Added mobile phone support
-  Calendar work improved
-  Filter work improved

- Version: 2.9.2 -
- Price on Request problem fixed
- Plugins updated

- Version: 2.9.1 -
- Booking calendar problem fixed
- Speed optimization
- Added "Hours before booking starts" 
- Added "Maximum days for booking" 
- Plugins updated

- Version: 2.8.5 -
 - plugins updated
 - date picker bugs fixed

- Version: 2.8.3 -
-  bugs fixed WPML
 - plugins updated
 - minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.8 -
-  bugs fixed WPML
 - plugins updated
 - minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.7 -
-  added support for WPML
-  added the ability to set days conditional
 - plugins updated
 - minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.6 -
 -plugins updated
 -minor bugs fixed
- Version: 2.5 -
- Option "Sorting in Catalog" 
- Option "Cleaning after booking (additional days)" 
- Sidebar widget "Aucapina Type Filter" 

Aucapina - Motorhome & RV Rentals Theme
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Published:28 November 2019
Last Update:01 February 2024
Theme version:5.8